"For the U12 and younger age groups, OBX Storm offers an academy program focused on individual skill and ball mastery in a pooled environment led by licensed coaches.  We invite players born in 2007 or later to join the academy as this is the path for the development of the OBX Storm player and the formation of new teams".

Please read, print, and fill out the parent's guide and return this along with a copy of your child's birth certificate and a recent photo (no glasses or hats) to the academy director or your child's coach.  Completion of paperwork, assessment, and payment reserve your child's spot in the program.

Storm Academy Parent's Guide

If after reading the document above you have questions please email the academy director at academy@obxstorm.net.

Philosophy:  The Storm Academy strives to develop players individually to their full potential by reducing the focus on team accolades.  We want to grow technically strong and creative players that possess a high motivation to improve.  We understand that this is the beginning of a journey. Winning is important but development is more important. We want our players to recognize that one must make mistakes and fail in order to get better.  The Storm Academy will give players the space to fail.  We strive for excellence and focus on task mastery.  The question that we will continue to ask ourselves for all those involved with the academy is “are we getting better”?

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Organization/Structure: All players regardless of age or level are carded by NCYSA as "U12 Academy".  In effect this is like a large team.  All players stay connected via two training sessions per week and on our optional "Fun Friday".  Teams for competition or "game teams" will be formed within the academy.  The rosters for these teams may change as players develop.  

Coaches: Academy coaches are required to have a coaching license because it certifies a coach's ability to teach. Coaches are responsible for session planning, child development, motivation issues, age appropriate training, breaking down complex topics into simpler topics, and ensuring that training session is fun.  It takes good coaching to develop good players. Our coaches are constantly asking our players to “get better” therefore it makes sense to hold the same standard for the academy coaching staff. It is these standards that ensure a high-quality learning environment. Coaches will work with the director to develop the seasonal plan, set goals, and ensure that players are working toward completion of their current level of competency.

Director: Eliot Jones serves as the academy director and currently holds his National Youth Coaching License, USSF E License, USSF Youth Modules I & II, and the Coerver Youth Diploma.  The director also serves as a coach. The director is involved on a daily basis preparing and running training sessions, teaching ball mastery, and coaching games on the weekend. The director is responsible for the curriculum of the academy and works with coaches to develop season plans for each team.

Assessment: There are no tryouts in the academy. Player’s interested in joining the academy must complete an "assessment". The ability to concentrate and focus along with a strong work ethic and high passion for the game is what we are looking for in players that we accept into the academy. 

Training: The majority of time spent with players is in a training session. Training is where players learn and improve….this is where they develop. Players will train with game teams twice per week.  Each game team session is structured in a progressive manner with the purpose of meeting a learning objective. Ball mastery will be a component of each session.  Training sessions must be FUN.  Players are invited to attend Fun Friday's which are led by a different coach each week and consists of a short technical exercise focused on the topic of the week followed by small sided games!  The "Fun Friday" gives older and higher-level players an opportunity to mentor.  Players also enjoy small-sided games (3 v 3 or 4 v 4) where everyone is mixed up and playing for the majority of the time. 

Evaluation: Each player will receive an evaluation at the conclusion of the fall and spring seasons. These will be used to identify areas where improvement can be made as players graduate thru the academy. Evaluations will be used by coaches to improve individual development.

Games: We believe that a weekend game is the best way for players to showcase individual skills learned in training.  This is the best format for the team as a whole to execute the learning objectives from training that week. The leagues that we participate in do not keep track of standings or publicize these on the web for all ages groups except U12. Overall, players will get more games playing league in comparison to the “three tournament per season” schedule of most travel teams. Finally, with league play we get home games here in Nags Head which everyone loves. Tournaments are often a blur for players, coaches, and parents. The pressure to win three games in a row within 24 hours is high to ensure that the team gets to play in a fourth championship game. Weekly learning objectives are often thrown out the window in the heat of competition in this environment. Having said that, we do want Storm Academy players to experience tournaments because they can be a great deal of fun! Players gradually increase the number of tournaments that they play as they progress. 


  U8 (Born 2012) U9 (Born 2011) U10 (Born 2010) U11 (Born 2009) U12 (Born 2008)
Annual Fee $500 $600 $700 $750 $750



The Storm Academy does offer some scholarships.  For more information on scholarship opportunities please talk with the Academy Director or your head coach.  Here is a scholarship application form that will need to be completed prior to receiving a scholarship. 

Scholarship form in English  Scholarship form in Spanish

Time Commitment: The schedule below outlines the estimated time committment for players.  Training is twice a week for 1.5 hours with an optional 1.5 hour Fun Friday session each week.  HOME games are here in Nags Head and most play dates include two games in one day and do not require an overnight stay.

Season Schedule:



Uniforms can be purchased online at: https://obxstorm.net/resources/academy-kit-purchase.html.

You will receive your uniform from your coach in 4 - 6 weeks.  Orders can only be made in bulk at the beginning of year. 


Sponsorship Opportunities:  If you or your business are interested in sponsorship opportunities please download the PDF below. We welcome partnership opportunities!

Storm Academy Sponsorship Opportunities



Steps To Enroll

1.  Download and read the Storm Academy Parent's Guide

2.  Print Pages 10 - 13, Fill Out and Sign

3.  Contact the Academy Director to schedule an assessment 

4.  Make Copy of Player's Birth Certificate (a digital photo is also acceptable)

5.  Player Photo:  1" x 1" Color "Head Shot" (No Sunglasses or Hats).  Print on Photo Paper or Email a photo to the Academy Director 

6.  Pay Online or Write Check to "OBX STORM SOCCER"

7.  Contact the Academy Director to select an available jersey number

8.  Gather All Paperwork (#2,#4, & #5) and Deliver to Academy Director or Coach

Copies of birth certificates are only required upon initial sign up.  They are held by the club as long as the player stays with the club.  Along with the fee all paperwork must be provided by the parent once a year.  

FAQs:  Frequently asked questions can be found in the Parent's Guide above.

Kids should be allowed to play. They learn the most from their own mistakes, so give them the space to make mistakes.

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